Physical Science 233  
  Work, Energy and Simple Machines  
Monday, November 1
Return Quizzes
Discuss Energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
Homework: Energy & Work Worksheets (pgs 11-12)

Tuesday, November 2
     Late Start
Continue Energy
Video: Boarding School
Go over worksheets

Wednesday, November 3 Work        W = F * D
Homework: Work Worksheet (pgs 15-16)

Thursday, November 4 QUIZ - Energy & Work
Roller Coasters
Homework: Read pages 417 - 432 and complete worksheet (pg 19)

Friday, November 5 How can we make work easier?   SIMPLE MACHINES
Lab: Identifying Simple Machines
Homework: The Simple Machines Worksheet (pgs 29-30)
Monday, November 8 Review Simple Machines Lab
Homework: Levers and Mechanical Advantage Worksheet (pgs 27-28)

Tuesday, November 9

Lab: Classes of Levers
QUIZ - Levers and Mechanical Advantage
Wednesday, November 10 Lab: Pulleys

Thursday, November 11 Veteran's Day - No School

Friday, November 12 Institute Day - No School

Monday, November 15 Lab: Pulleys

Tuesday, November 16
     Late Start
Finish Lab
Homework: Pulley Worksheet (pgs 31-32)

Wednesday, November 17 Video: PULLEYS
QUIZ - Pulleys
Homework: Read pages 436-437
                       Extra Credit Lab: The Bicycle: A Well Engineered Machine
                       Due on November 25th

Thursday, November 18 How fast can work be done?   POWER!!!
Homework: Power Worksheet (pgs 39-40)

Friday, November 19 Mind mapping with Inspiration - Computer Lab

Monday, November 22 Mind mapping with Inspiration - Computer Lab
Homework: Study for test, packet due tomorrow

Tuesday, November 23

Wednesday, November 24 Go over the test
Rube Goldberg Machine Introduction

Thursday, November 25 THANKSGIVING - No School

Friday, November 26 No School

Monday, November 29 Rube Goldberg Machine Plan

Tuesday, November 30
     Late Start
Rube Goldberg Machine Design

Wednesday, December 1 Rube Goldberg Machine Design

Thursday, December 2 Rube Goldberg Machine Design

Friday, December 3 Rube Goldberg Machine Evaluation


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