District 211 Continuing Education
Confined Water SCUBA Diving Class

Carlos Garrison
Certified PADI Specialty Instructor

You have signed up to take a step into the wonderful world of the underwater.  I have been enchanted with scuba diving since my first breath of compressed air and I am sure you will be, too. 

The Confined Water portion of the class covers the first half of the requirements to become a certified PADI SCUBA diver, a certification that will last your entire life.  In order to complete the certification, you will need to also complete the Open Water portion of the training.  We will discuss this during the first class meeting.

The following is some information and links you may find interesting: 


I encourage you to visit Sea Lions dive center prior to our first meeting and definitely before our second meeting.  Joanna and her staff will help you make excellent selections for your basic equipment.

Sea Lions  Dive Center (my partner in training)


I am a certified PADI Open Water Instructor and Specialty Instructor.  PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  My PADI Instructor Number is 258256.  You can visit the PADI web site be clicking on the following link: 

PADI (the certifying agency)


I am a science teacher at Palatine High School and all of the confined water course will take place at PHS along with the pool sessions.  We will use the Palatine High School pool for this training.

My Teaching Web Site 


If you missed it and need additional information, here is the PowerPoint presentation we reviewed the first night of class. 

Introductory PowerPoint from Class

Here is the schedule for the confined water course: 

Schedule for the Confined Water Course

Here is my contact information: 

My Contact information