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2012-2013 Activity Schedule

v  October 16 – Cultural Diversity at PHS- My Multicultural Self

Unity in Diversity: Differences Spice up the Melting Pot


v  October 18 – All school assembly – Emanuel Scott:  One of the original Freedom Writers 


v  October 25 – Forum


v  October 30 – Coexist:  Can we all get along peacefully?


v  November 13-16:  Lunchapalooza


v  December 4:  Dude Don't Be Rude:  Every Day Manners Help Us All Get Along


v  December 20:  Forum – Artsapalooza


v  January 24 – Health and Safety Fair


v  February 12 – Conflict Resolution:  Identify it


v  February 21 – Forum – Danceapalooza

v  March 12 – Combined with CTTP:  Conflict Resolution:  Solve it


v  March 21 –Laughapalooza


v  April 16 – Jeopardy, review of year


v  April 18 – Skits


v  May – Bandapalooza

PROMISE Day Bell Schedule

1    9:55-10:30

Palatine's Promise 10:35-10:55

  2    10:55-11:30

   3   11:35-12:10

   4   12:15-12:50

   5   12:55-1:30

 6   1:35-2:10

7    2:15-2:50

8    2:55-3:30

Bullying & Safety Concern Center

The Bullying & Safety Concern Center is designed for individuals to report situations involving intimidation, harassment, threats, abuse, and other forms of bullying.  It is also to be used to report any other safety concerns.  It is usually best to talk directly with an administrator, counselor, psychologist, or social worker.  However, since students and parents are not always comfortable doing so, this is another tool that can be used to report bullying or other safety concerns.  To report a concern, click on the image below 

Anonymous Tip Hotline

Anonymous tips or concerns can also be reported by calling 847-755-1911

About Palatine's Promise

Palatine’s PROMISE is a multi-faceted program that includes more than 120 students, one elected from every 2nd period class in our school.  That diverse group, the Student Summit, now works with the faculty and staff members who have volunteered their time to be apart of Palatine's Promise.  Each Summit class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, etc.) chose five members from their group to attend weekly meetings with the faculty/staff members before school to develop and coordinate the initiatives of the larger group.  The initiatives include monthly in-class presentations, discussions, instruction, extracurricular activities, forums in the auditorium, and all-school assemblies---all designed to promote positive leadership and help make PHS an even better place.

This is the third year for Palatine's Promise.  Many faculty members worked diligently at the end of  last school year to review feedback from faculty and feedback from the results of the bullying survey administered to students last school year.  Based upon that feedback, several of the faculty members met this summer to help outline/plan activities and revise the structure for the upcoming school year.  However, a special thanks is given to Kris Stary for all her hard work this summer. 

In-class activities this year will include “CTTP & PROMISE: What are they about;  Stand Up and Say Something;  Don’t just be a bystander; Inclusion verse Exclusion: The It Get’s Better Project; Responsibility; Cyberbullying; and A Year in Review. "  The Student Summit members will help develop the materials, instruction, and activities.  Every classroom teacher is provided with in-service training and/or instruction and materials to facilitate the monthly activities, which the students will help them conduct.  Additional Forums in the Auditorium will be used to further address some of the topics.

Extracurricular activities this year will include a Health Fair, Bandapalooza, and Lunchapalooza, Palatine’s PROMISE's three-day version of the national Mix It Up At Lunch Day.  All lunch periods on November 16-18 will include activities, and entertainment designed to encourage students to sit with, eat with, and interact with students unfamiliar to them. 

The faculty of Palatine's Promise are very proud of our students and what we have accomplished together.  We are very excited about what our students will achieve this school year.

For  information regarding how Palatine's Promise was started, please refer to the article written by Bob Ingraham, Psy.D., NCSP, School Psychologist, Palatine High School by clicking here.


Attention Summit Leaders!!!

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Class of 2013 Summit Leaders: Jennifer Grapenthin, Eric Smith, Veronica Calvo, Alonso Rameriz, Robert Pechacek

Class of 2013 Summit Schedule

Class of 2014 Summit Leaders: Sophie Foucault-Lawler, DeAnn Darow, Lauren McArdle, Thomas Mocon, Marni Foderaro, Fred Rasmussen  

Class of 2014 Summit Schedule

Class of 2015 Summit Leaders: Sergio Lund, Kris Stary, Michelle Callisch, Susan Kirkman, Teri Havansek, Jaison Varghese

Class of 2015 Summit Schedule

Class of 2016 Summit Leaders: Nicole Richmond, Jason Wodzien, Miriam Bonilla, Jaclyn Friel, Jennifer Grapenthin

Class of 2016 Summit Schedule


DeAnn M. Darow, Elizabeth M. Harer, Eric R. Smith, Francisco Fernandez, Fred J. Rasmussen, Jaclyn N. Friel, Jaison Varghese, Jason E. Wodzien, Jeanne M. Hedgepeth, Jennifer A. Grapenthin, Jennifer L. Collins, Karen L. Gallagher, Karisa E. Andrianopoulos, Katie V. Kupka, Kendall R. Stromberg, Kristina M. Stary, Kyle A. Cauthorn, Lauren McArdle, Marni H. Foderaro, Mauricio Orozco, Michelle D. Calisch, Miriam Bonilla, Nicole L. Richmond, Robert E. Pechacek, Sergio M. Lund, Sophie M. Foucault-Lawler, Susan K. Kirkman, Susan L. Althoff, Susan Quinlan, Teri S. Havansek, Thomas Mocon, Toni A. Ventura, Veronica M. Calvo, Vinh T. Le

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