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Chemical Elements

Periodic Table

Periodic Table


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Hybrid Cars

Department of Energy Hybrid Cars  vehiclesandfuels

Good information to decide whether a hybrid car will save you money in the long run.

Honda Automobiles

How Stuff Works good basic information regarding hybrid cars

Hybrid Car Information

Popular Science : Power Struggle

Science News Electric Cars fueled by Gasoline?

Toyota Prius


Unted States Department of Energy


Newton's Laws

How things Fly


UV Rays -- Sun Safety and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Characteristics of Electro-Magnetic Waves
General information on Electro-Magnetic Waves from School-for-champions, a non-profit educational site.

Discover Light's Mysteries
Interactive site from the Center for Science Education at UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory

How far does light penetrate into the body?   
Good  graphices of skin and effects of UV light.

How Sunburns and Sun Tans Work
Includes links to tanning, sunburn, and sunscreens (at bottom of site) from How Stuff Works.

Environmental Protection Agency source for UV measurements around the country. Also contains other links.

UV Radiation    
Health effects of UV light from a division of  NASA. 

What are Electromagnetic Waves  
Explanation of the electromagnetic Spectrum from NASA



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