General Information - population, goverment, economy, culture

Background Notes
From the U.S. Department of State.  Geographical, economic, historic, and political information about countries of the world. 

CIA World Factbook
Information and data about nations of the world.

Country Studies / Area Handbook
100 countries of the world from the US Library of Congress.  Includes history, geography, culture, maps, timelines, and photographs. 

Portals to the World from the Library of Congress

World Heritage List
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


Human Rights
Human Rights Watch World Report 2000
66 countries covered.


Google Maps
National Geographic Map Machine Atlas


Travel Information

123 Travel
Links to tourism bureaus of vacation places -- states and countries.

Lonely Planet

Travel Links
Listings of airlines, airports, car rental, cruises, trains,and hotel chains.

Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets
From the U.S. Department of State.

Yahoo Travel
Click on the airlines icon to get air fares or choose a destination.


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