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Last Updated: 3/8/2013

  Information:          Current and up to date info.    Scholarship Opportunity for Undocumented Students deadline March 1, 2013



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Please read the links below in order.  The first one is background information about state and federal law or information explaining that undocumented students can't receive scholarships.  However, some states like Illinois have passed laws helping undocumented students who have attended High School and graduated from the school successfully and plan on attending an Illinois college or university.


This second website is MALDEF and although it primarily helps Mexican students or Hispanic students you should refer to this website for assistance with your undocumented status and trying to apply to college. No organization can deny you help when you ask regardless of background or ethnicity.  What you have to remember that many organizations like MALDEF are here to help undocumented students not only if they are Mexican so call and ask for their help.  Please loo at additional help under resource for scholarship information.  Look at Jack Kooke Foundation and research private organizations and companies.


The link below is a spreadsheet of scholarships for undocumented students but when you open it look at the far right column.  The column is specific of the kind of work you have or want to do.  Many scholarships by private organizations award scholarships for grades, enrolled in a state school, arts, music, volunteer, etc. kind of experience.


The following is a link of scholarships either awarded to undocumented students in the past or for undocumented students.


Contact the following website and write them an email about your situation and see if they know or are affiliated with another organization that is more suitable for your needs since you are not a migrant worker.


Please read the information in the link below and contact them by letter and email and see if they have a new scholarship for or by June 2010.  This was last years.


Do a google search under: Undocumented Students Scholarships

See link below but many may not be for undocumented.  Worth looking at and contacting them as well         (Contact: Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee

Rights ( Contact Alheli Herrera at

(312) 332-7360, ext. 18. If your school is not granting

you in-state tuition, contact ICIRR immediately)


Great website to look into for Asian American students: ( look at page 6, see if you alone could atleast get a social seciruty number to attend a university.

Contact these agencies and see if they can endorse you or help you find scholarships.

Contact ISU-Financial department and ask them if they have any leads to scholarships for undocumented students.

Look at PHS.D211 for scholarships Many deadlines are in February.  around February 15th.



Scholarship Opportunity for Undocumented Students


Illinois DREAM Fund

A scholarship for the children of immigrants, including undocumented students

Application available November 1, 2012




When does the application become available?

The application will become available on Thursday, November 1 at


Who can apply?

·         Student who are in their senior year of high school must have a GPA of 2.50 and an ACT score of 17.

·         Current college students should have a 2.50 GPA in their field of study. 

What is the scholarship amount?

·         Illinois students attending a 2-yr college will be eligible to apply for $2,000 scholarship

·         Illinois students attending a 4-yr college will be eligible to apply for $6,000 scholarships

Where can I find additional information?

Go to


Read more about the Dream Fund in the article from Saturday’s Chicago Tribune: